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Latvian Diabetes Association
Phone +371-67378231.
The Latvian Diabetes Association
Latvian Diabetes Association was founded on April 4, 1993;
Association is member of the International Diabetes Federation and member of the International Committee of Diabetes Magazines.
Latvian Diabetes Association is a non-governmental organisation founded to unite diabetes patients, health professionals and good-will people, natural and legal persons for joined activity to achieve goals, the nature and the purpose of which is not connected with acquiring profit.
To facilitate diabetes patients’ care and treatment, prompt diagnostics and prevention of diabetes.
The aims of Latvian Diabetes Association:
  • to advance the solution of diabetes patients’ care problems in Latvia, improving diabetes patients’ quality of life;
  • to promote diabetes patients’ integration into society, establish branches of Latvian Diabetes Association throughout Latvia, as well as to support their activities;
  • to help each diabetes patient to understand her/his disease better;
  • to promote supply with various information about diabetes;
  • to expand mutual contacts of diabetes patients helping them to find emotional and social support;
  • to turn attention of society and government to special needs of diabetes patients and to increase the knowledge and awareness of diabetes within society;
  • to found and promote contacts with international organisations (WHO, IDF, EASD and others), national diabetes associations of other states, institutions, physicians of different specialities and diabetes care specialists.
Main activities:
  • Educating the society, informing about risk factors of diabetes, its first symptoms, healthy lifestyle (participation in exhibitions, publications in mass media, World Diabetes Day).
·        Educating diabetes patients about how to live with diabetes. Specific work directions - World Diabetes Day and similar educating events, preparing informative materials, (more than 90 available now), home page, printed materials (now 19), library, consulting and advices, publications in mass media.
  • Informing and consulting diabetes patients about available healthcare services, resources, patient rights.
  • Advocating diabetes patient rights and interests submitting proposal on how to improve politics’ documents, organizing protest actions, press conferences, publishing our point of view in press.
  • Events on improving treatment of diabetes - working out guidelines, organizing seminars for healthcare professionals, issues for HCP and nurses, lectures and training for pharmacists.
  • Events and projects leading to understanding about diabetes and diabetes patients’ special needs among the society.
Some examples:
·        On July 14-15, 2006, the Latvian Diabetes Association in co-operation with DESG organised the 2nd Baltic Conference on Therapeutic Education of Diabetes Patients, where endocrinologists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia took part.
·        Activities in advocating diabetes patients’ rights: 1) Participation in the council of the Ministry of Health for representatives of patient organizations. 2) Participation in the consultative council of Saeima (the Parliament) for patient organizations to elaborate a patients’ rights law. 3) Participation in the Council of the implementation of the Memorandum of co-operation between the Prime Minister and NGOs.
·        August 29, 2007 - the scientific conference dedicated to the publishing of the new issue Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. The new National Guidelines are more extended (almost 200 pages), much detailed, well-grounded scientifically, supplemented with thorough section of appendices. This issue is expanded - it comprises many new sections, among them - the chapters concerning social and psychological aspects of diabetes patients’ care. New Guidelines are built on IDF Global Guideline for Type 2 Diabetes (2005), the other European Guidelines (in diabetology, cardiology and other fields), on National and institutional Guidelines issued by the other countries as well as on the research data.
·        On the 4th of April, 2008, a scientific conference “Diabetes Mellitus: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Latvian Diabetes Association took place in Riga Congress Hall. The conference has got together 450 participants – endocrinologists, GPs, internists, other health professionals, government officials, journalists, as well as members of the Latvian Diabetes Association. The conference was supported by the Welfare department of Riga City Council, the Association of endocrinologists and 17 healthcare-related companies.
Latvian Diabetes Association has central Office in Riga and 20 regional branches.
Latvian Diabetes Association.
133, Kr.Barona Str, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia
Phone +371-67378231.
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