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Latvian Association of kidney patients
Latvian Association of kidney patients
Phone./fax: 67618199;
Mob. 26407323
(Country code +371)
Latvian Association of kidney patients is founded in 1994 and unites 151 members. The audience of the association are kidney patients, their relatives, friends, and medical professionals.
  • to promote activities preventing kidney diseases and favour patient education health care and treatment;
  • to organize help and protection of kidney patients, especially end stage renal disease patients requiring kidney replacement therapy( hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplantation);
  • to raise public awareness of questions related to different kidney diseases;
  • to pay attention of society, governmental, municipal institutions, nongovernmental organizations and other structures to issues linked to kidney diseases problem solving at national and international level;
  • to participate in developing national programme of kidney disease prevention measures and treatment;
  • to facilitate and support events improving medical care for kidney patients;
  • to carry out the exploration and perform surveys, cooperate with and enable contacts with other similar organizations and individuals in Latvia and in the world.

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